How We Pay Commissions

We pay all commissions in supported crypto coin via CoinPayments and the $PayByName tag. The coins we currently support are BTC,BCH,VLX,TRX,XRP,LTC,DASH,ETH

The advantage of using the $PayByName tag is that it removes the payment of the sometimes high Blockchain processing fees (that can eat up nearly half of your commissions at times) as it takes advantage of the lower CoinPayments account to CoinPayments account transfer fees.

It used to cost pennies to send Bitcoin direct to wallets but it is not always like that if the blockchain is busy. For example as I write this the current fees are $14 to send Bitcoin. By using the $PayByName tags we can get a 0.5% fee meaning we can absorb this and send you all your commissions. If you are owed $20 then we send you the whole $20 where as other programs sending direct would minus the fees and at the time of writing you would get just $6 of that $20 commission. In a constantly changing Crypto world where sending smaller payments is not viable this we feel is the best option.

We do not pay commissions on a set schedule as the number of transactions that come in can vary a lot. We try to get around to everyone at least once a week and normally always within 14 days, although we ask you allow up to 30 days to receive your commissions at busy times. Another factor of timing is the availability of your requested coin (ie, if we carry enough to be able to pay at the time we get around to you).

You must set a preferred coin and add your $PayByName tag in your profile before we get to you, because the default setting is *Convert To Credits. Therefore, if you have not added your $PayByName tag and chosen your preferred coin the commissions due will be converted to credits at the normal credit value as shown in the graphic below.
(Please note: If we do not hold enough of your preferred coin we may pay using one of your other accepted coins listed on your $PayByName page. These are coins you have chosen to accept at CoinPayments)

There are no alternative Payout methods at this time and none planned for the future so you must have a CoinPayments account and a $PayByName tag to earn crypto here, as stated in the terms agreed to upon joining.

For more information about $PayByName tags please click here.

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