Crypto Ad Profits Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How can I advertise my websites here?
A) You can add your 468x60 banner ads that are shown on every page of this site, In our banner surf area and also on all promo pages that are shown all over the internet.

Q) How do I earn crypto here?
A) We pay generous affiliate commissions for all your direct referrals so with just one referral you can be in profit and make unlimited $10 & $20 commissions. We also pay up to 60% ($54) per referral on upgrade sales.

Q) Can I advertise without promoting?
A) Yes, we have a fair few advertisers that just want to buy ads to promote their site and not interested in promoting the program.

Q) How many ads can I promote?
A) It varies depending on membership level but the answer is between 1 & 15.

Q) What is the cost to join?
A) We are free to join and use. You can join for free and earn free ads and then promote to earn crypto or you can upgrade to get more from your time here or simply just purchase advertising as and when you need it.

Q) How do I buy the top (Pro Max) level upgrade?
A) Our upgrades are set up so that you buy them in order. So to become a Pro Max member you must first purchase Pro & then Pro Plus to be able to gain access to buy the Pro Max level.

Q) What are the costs of upgrades?
A) Our upgrades are all one off payments (Lifetime upgrades) and are priced at $10, $30 and $50 but you must buy them in order. So to become a Pro Max member you must first purchase Pro & Pro Plus.

Q) Do I get ad credits with the upgrades?
A) Our lifetime upgrades are at low prices as they do not include ad credits. This is because the affiliate commission amounts are different for ad credit sales and upgrades. Your upgrade gets you 1) More ad spots, 2) More free credits per page surfed, 3) 10%,30% or 50% extra free Ad Credits with each Ad Credits purchase, 4) Higher affiliate commissions on upgrade sales.

Q) What payment options do you accept?
A) You can fund your account to pay for upgrades and to buy ad credits by sending us BTC, LTC or ETH directly to our wallets.

Q) What are the currently supported coins?
A) We currently accept and payout in BTC,LTC,ETH.

Q) How do I pay for an upgrade
A)You must deposit funds into your account then you can use your account balance to purchase an upgrade or to buy ad credits. Once you purchase with account balance the purchase/upgrade is added immediatley.

Q) How do I get paid my earned crypto?
A) We pay all earned affiliate commissions in your chosen coin via Uphold. If you have not added your Uphold email address and chosen a coin to be paid in we will convert any due commissions into ad credits and add the ad credits to your account.

Q) Can I use earned commission to buy ad credits and upgrades?
A) Yes, as soon as the commission is earned and it is in your commissions balance it can be transferred to your account balance and then be used to purchase upgrades or ad credits. Or you can use the "Buy with commissions" button next to the items when you have enough in your commissions balance to buy it.

Q) How can I earn free advertising?
A) We have a really cool banner surf section where you can view pages of 8 different banner ads from other members and earn ad impressions for each page that you view.

Q) Where are my ads shown?
A) We show your ads on all pages of this site, all our external promo pages that are promoted all over the internet and also in our cool banner surf feature.

Q) What size ads do you accept?
A) We only currently accept 468x60 banners.

Q) Why does the banner surf pages cut off some of the content in some browsers?
A) Make sure that you have ad blocker turned off as it changes the design to block ads. We have found this to be an issue on a few browsers including Opera.

Q) How long do I have to wait for my commissions?
A) We do not pay commissions on a set schedule as the number of transactions that come in can vary a lot. We try to get around to everyone within 14 days, although we ask you allow up to 30 days to receive your commissions at busy times. Another factor of timing is the availability of your requested coin (ie, if we carry enough to be able to pay at the time we get around to you).

Q) Do I have to get lots of referrals to earn with this program?
A) No not at all. This was something we wanted to get around so that it wasn't like a lot of the other programs out there. You can earn unlimited $10 and $20 commissions as a free member with just one referral. In fact our upgrade system is set out to enable you to earn up to an extra $18 per referral on out $10 upgrade level.

Q) How can I delete my account?
A) You can remove your account by clicking the Delete Account link at the bottom of your profile page.

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